Monero XMR Mining Pool Frequently Asked Questions FAQ - XMRPOOL.EU

Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions. Please take some time to read them before asking for support! Most of the questions we are asked are found right here.

Maturity block theft, what is it?

We are reviewing all accounts every day before we release the payment system. This is because of the known exploit of PPLNS, whereby a miner can use nice hash to hit the maturity of a just found block with many MHs to cause the allocation of shares to be unfairly distributed. It is not uncommon for a maturity block thief to hit a pool with 10MHs or more. We will confiscate your reward if you decide to try and steal the maturity blocks. Our pool is run by dedicated miners and we will not tolerate theft of our hard work. Just do not do it and play fair, you will not get you reward back.

What is the lottery and how does it work?

The lottery system (currently suspended) was kindly written for us by one of our miners. Upon the discovery of every new block, the system picks a new lucky miner from the list of our loyal miners. This miner is given an extra rig in their account called "Lottery". This lottery is intended to be a bit of fun and to make the long days of mining more interesting. The lottery rig was a dual Vega 64 4Khs system.

What is the RX/0 RandomX PoW and why do my workers keep getting banned?

Please check that you are mining using the RandomX PoW as non compliance now incurs a 1 hour ban for the offending IP. We have had to introduce this as many miners are still submitting invalid bad shares. The RandomX PoW came into force on in November 2019, please do not submit cn/r (v10) or any other type of shares to the pool you will be banned.

A list of some Monero XMR RandomX compliant miners can be found here.

A common reoccurring subject for crypto currencies has been ASIC resistance and how we should react to any (potential) threat from ASICs. The article on the link below, sets out our (somewhat) formal stance on ASIC resistance and our intention to maintain ASIC resistance by swiftly reacting to any potential threat from ASICs and considering slightly modifying the PoW at every hardfork." More information here from the official Monero web site Monero PoW Change.

I've been mining for X hours and my pending balance has not changed yet. Why?

Your pending balance will increase only when the pool finds a block and the block is mature. A block is only Mature when another 5 blocks have been found in the whole Monero network. To make it easier to understand block on the "Pool blocks" page will turn green when the block is Mature. After that the pool will automatically calculate the shares and increase the pending balance of all miners taking part in mining. The automatic payment module runs at midnight but be patient as sometimes there are hundreds of miners to pay in every cycle.

My IP is banned or I am getting the message "your IP is banned"

XMRPool validates every share that miners send. From time to time miners are sending invalid bad shares. If the pool detects that one of them is sending invalid bad shares, over a short period of time, it will automatically ban that worker for 10 minutes.

What is the reason of the invalid shares? Usually over-clocked or broken hardware.

I have a big list of unused workers. How can I remove the old workers?

Workers which are older than 1 week (last share submitted is older than 1 week) are removed automatically by scheduled script. The only exception is the default worker.

What is an address with a payment ID or what is an integrated address?

Address with payment ID. These types of addresses were usually used by exchanges where they have a single Monero wallet (address) but multiple payment IDs for the customers. Monero discontinued the use of Payment IDs on November 30th 2019.

Integrated address. These are almost the same as address with payment ID but id is merged into the main address - that's why this address is longer (106 chars) than standard wallet address (95 chars).

Minimum payment threshold for integrated address is 2XMR.

What is an orphaned block? Why is the block red on the "Pool blocks" page?

A great explanation of what an orphaned block is, can be found here: What are orphaned blocks?

There is no reward for orphaned block.

I did not receive a payment but the transaction is on my payment page. What is going on?

In almost every case the issue with this type of problem is with the use of the old daemon / block-chain which is part of an old wallet. Most problems such as this have arisen since the last Monero fork (network upgrade) to RandomX on November 30th 2019 along with the new Monero Version: v0.15.0.1 Carbon Chamaeleon. Download the entire new wallet and re-install it. The installation will be fast but the syncing process may take a day or so as you may need to download the new block chain, which is around 65GB. A list of all the official Monero downloads are located here
Please remember to verify your downloaded files signatures before opening them.
Here are two guides available to help users check the authenticity of their binaries:
Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) and Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced).
Signed hashes can be found here:

I want to join the pool. How can I start mining on

This pool is anonymous and free for anyone. If you wish to mine with us simply start from "Getting started" page.